New Trend Alert: Ombré

Ombré involves colours running from light to dark or vice versa and in recent years it's been mostly associated with the hair style that has crept into Fashion in the last year or so. I must admit, when it first came into public domain my friends were sceptical (you want to do what to your hair?). Now they all have ombré styled hair. The phrase 'I told you so' is banned.

Now the trend seems to have infiltrated the jewellery quarter. Top end brands in New York have been taken in a big way with ombré and its diverse applications.

Personally I love the look of Mary Esses use of ombré in her new bead collection, particular her transitions from white gold sapphires to diamond.

Of course if you don't have a couple of thousand tucked away, (so nearly all of us) expect to see ombré pop in the local high-street soon. Ombré has already cropped up in high street across many mediums, such as Levi's range of ombré jeans for Net-A-Porter and I doubt it will be long until the high-street stores start looking to high end fashion designers for inspiration in their own jewellery lines.

Ombré looks likely to be incorporated by way of already popular stacking rings. The recently admired new ring style lends itself beautifully to the technique and allows you to mix and match to your heart's content to create your own unique style.

Top Tip: Different colours and stones vary in price, one of the great advantages of ombré is that its easy to buy one statement piece and layer it with inexpensive, fading colours to create the effect without splashing out.

For those of you who are handy at home there is a plethora of ways to create ombré effects in the comfort of your own PJs with DIY projects.

My personal favourite is using different shades of nail varnish to create the effect on old pieces of jewellery to give them an update. Or, you know, on your nails where the nail varnish is 'supposed' to go.

A trend that will turn into a classic? Will it be as prevalent as the owls that Accessorize buried us under? Well faded jeans keep coming back to haunt me so who knows, maybe, what do you think?