Jürgen Klopp thinks that his side Liverpool still has a few things to do properly to ensure they become a balanced side. According to the Guardian, Klopp is pleased that Liverpool is accumulating some key points in the Premier League 2018-19 while they are still preparing themselves to become better.

After winning the premier league encounter against Huddersfield 1-0, Liverpool now has seven wins from nine games, with two draws. Their unbeaten record has ensured them a tie at 23 points with Manchester City at the top of the points table. Manchester City is still in the first position though, with a better goal difference than Klopp's side.

Liverpool's game plan under Klopp has been really solid this year, with proper attacking play, mixed with strong defence and they have conceded only three goals in nine games.

Klopp's mixed feelings after Huddersfield game

The Guardian reported that Klopp in a post-match conference admitted that he believes that a team cannot win only applying offensive tactics.

"It was a good game from Huddersfield and not so good game from us. So we'll take it," Klopp told BT Sport after the game. Klopp used 'dog toy' reference to explain lack of high press.

'It's like a dog. If you don't give him his favourite toy and throw him something else, he thinks, 'No, I don't want that. I want the other one. I want to play high press.' The DailyMAil quoted him as saying.

Klopp also made a point to note that his side wasn't playing their best game during the 1-0 win against Huddersfield.

He further said that his side showed solidity which helped them win after Mohamed Salah scored a 24th-minute goal.

Klopp said his side got their balance and plans right at Huddersfield but unfortunately the final passes weren't accurate, which is why the side wasn't able to score more goal during their counter-attack.

Shaqiri admits Klopp was furious

According to the Express, Xherdan Shaqiri admitted after the game that the Liverpool's German coach was absolutely furious with his side failing to convert some attacks into goals. Shaqiri said that he knows Klopp is a very emotional and passionate person, who lets his emotions show when something happens.

Shaqiri also admitted that he feels winning the game was important for his side, and he is happy that they could achieve it.

On Saturday, Mohamed Salah got back on the goal trail, he scored his fourth goal of the season and first in five matches .