IT's been just over a week since Mark Williams succeeded in being crowned World Snooker Champion for the third time since 2003. And in his winning speech he paid tribute to the man who helped him get his game back in shape - Steve Feeney. Since SightRight has popped up on the snooker scene, players have been winning, winning, and winning. 2015 saw Stuart Bingham win the World Championship under SightRight techniques, and, then, Shaun Murphy gave it a whirl and had success in winning the Champion of Champions for the first time in 2017.

Mark Williams, of course, won three ranking events this season as well as the Six Reds World Championship.

In fact, the three-time World Champion was so impressed with the coaching method, he decided to become a SightRight coach himself and gained a certificate. Now, Hong Kong's no 1 snooker player Marco Fu has teamed up with team SightRight to help to find winning ways again.

Lining Up To Win

Fu, 40, who took time away from the game at the tail end of the season, says he is looking forward to joining the team and improving his snooker. He added in a PR statement: "I am very pleased to announce that I have recently agreed to work more closely with Stephen Feeney and his SightRight team." The three time ranking event winner will work with Feeney and SightRight in conjunction with the Hong Kong Institute and Head coach Wayne Griffiths, who is Terry Griffith's son.

Griffiths senior was the 1979 World Champion who won as a qualifier. Actually, Fu is another player in the forty bracket who is looking to rejuvenate their game. Feeney's motto is "winning is our game" and not only has he secured two World Championship winners in Bingham and Williams, but he's also had minor success victories with players such as Rory McLeod.

Martin Gould also won his first ranking title in 2016 at the German Masters.

What is SightRight?

SightRight is a technique for getting players to line up on the shot based on the way an individual sees the shot. The usual mantra from some coaches is to tell players to cue up with their left or right leg on the line, and then cue under their dominant eye.

However, SightRight, with patented technology in a cue shows you how to line up on the shot by shifting your feet so that the lines on the cue are in dead line together. Once you are online, then it's a question of delivering the cue on the line of aim.

Top coaches will tell you that 70% of the shot is done when you get on the right line. There is also a smartphone and tablet app which explains the technique more clearly with routines you can practice to help hone the technique. Fu in the PR statement said he was fascinated by alignment and added: "SightRight have agreed to help me as sighting and alignment consultants for the coming season. We will focus on improving my consistency in selecting and sighting the correct line of aim – an area that has always fascinated me." To find out more about SightRight, visit their website