Cristiano Ronaldo is in another Champions League final. The Portuguese star is keeping his eye on his fifth cup after Real Madrid reached their third straight final. However, the Portuguese player seems to have the ability to be attentive to two things: the champions league final, and the future of Real Madrid. And it seems Real Madrid intends to make some cuts, once the season ends, especially if the Spanish team fails to win the Championship. But Ronaldo has a word on that, and he's slowing the president down, with a clear "I want him" statement.

Who is he talking about? Well, it's his best locker room friend: Karim Benzema.

Cristiano Ronaldo wants Karim Benzema

When it comes to Karim Benzema, Ronaldo does not want to lose sight of him. He knows that in the technical secretariat, spurred on by Florentino, they will go crazy in the search for a centre-forward to replace Benzema. But Ronaldo does not want another forward to arrive at Valdebebas. And the Portuguese star has two reasons to support his opinion. The main one is that he wants to be the new centre-forward of the team.

According to Diario Gol, Cristiano Ronaldo is pressing Florentino Pérez to forget a reference in attack. And he's got a point on that, since there is no better forward than him, for Real.

He's the club top scorer and he knows how important he is for his team. He's already 33-years-old and he knows he's no longer as quick as he was before. So, he thinks he's better at the centre of the attack, and he's scoring more goals than all his other teammates.

On the other hand, while he is aware that Karim's performance is not as good as expected.

Ronaldo considers that the option of Benzema being in the front quarter of the squad is not bad at all. He knows Real Madrid's game perfectly, and he would be always a good option, even going out off the bench.

Zinedine Zidane must follow

And Ronaldo is not all about Benzema. He's also very clear about his coach. He must continue on with Real Madrid.

Among other things because, despite the league didn't go the way they wished, in the Champions League, Zinedine Zidane has proven to be a perfectly capable coach to handle the situation.

And for this reason, and all the success, Cristiano thinks Zidane is the ideal coach for the team. The fans are very supportive, and he is like a hero of Real Madrid. Also, he is a very good wardrobe manager. In addition, it has been Zidane who has managed to find the best tactical system so that the Portuguese player does not have to make too many efforts in defense and can focus on finishing the plays made by his teammates.