Just when Castleford fans thought the club had moved on from the problems that Zak Hardaker had caused at the end of 2017, the news that Garry Lo has been stood down by the club ahead of the Tigers' clash with local rivals Wakefield on Friday night has sent the rumour mill into overdrive once more. The Hardaker news - that he had been omitted from Castleford's Grand Final squad just days before the clash with Leeds at Old Trafford in October last year - had already caused a significant amount of turmoil at the club.

The loss of such a talented player has caused havoc in the Tigers back line and, as a result, Castleford have failed to click on the field.

Some of the Castleford faithful still hold bitter memories of Hardaker's misdemeanour, so, when the news came through that Lo was "voluntarily assisting the police with an inquiry", and so would be unavailable for this weekend's game, it was not exactly music to Castleford's long-suffering fans' ears. Whilst little has so far been said on the subject, allegations amongst fans have been flying around left, right and centre, staining the reputation of the club.

Clean record

Whilst both Rangi Chase - whom finally left Castleford on-loan in May 2017 and then permanently in July - and Zak Hardaker had previous indiscretions which could have filled a book, Garry Lo has an exemplary character. In his native Papua New Guinea he is heralded as the greatest thing since sliced bread by the Rugby League-mad children whom regard him as their hero, whilst Sheffield fans cannot speak highly enough of him following his two years spent in South Yorkshire.

It therefore came as a shock for all Castleford fans that, barely a week after impressing in his debut for the club, Lo has been dropped for reasons which have yet to come to light.

Damaging to the club

On a positive note, Lo has himself cooperated with the police - perhaps in a bid to outline his innocence - and by removing the PNG international from the 19-man squad for Friday's game, the club have ensured that Garry is fully focused on this matter.

On a seriously negative note, it is another issue which Castleford will have to deal with behind closed doors whilst at the same time trying to uphold the family culture of the club.

It also seriously weakens the Castleford side. With first-choice winger Greg Eden still injured, Jy Hitchcox on-loan at Bradford with no recall for a month and James Clare sidelined with a fractured tibia, Lo was given an opportunity to impress in last week's defeat against Wigan.

He gave a solid debut, scoring a try and making some great runs out of defence. Yet, head coach Daryl Powell has had to draft youngster Calum Turner - whom has never played a senior game - into the side instead.

Though the whole story has yet to come to light, for a club that is barely over the Zak Hardaker problem, it has led to yet another barrage of unwanted press aimed at Castleford. For a fan, there is nothing worse than something happening in the background which goes on to affect the club as a whole. Put it this way, it is never boring being a Castleford supporter - mainly for the wrong reasons.