Noticeably, the horrible situation at Arsenal still tends to go on repeatedly, with the same under-achievements each year, with the lack of threat and desire to challenge for the title. Despite the additional europa league football this year for Arsenal, challenging for the title for such a big club like Arsenal shouldn't be a problem. However, the lack of change is hurting the club and fans who love the club feel more pain each year. How long could this go on for? Well, let's dive into the five main reasons surrounding the club for their failings.

1. The Managerial position

Arsene Wenger has been at Arsenal F.C for 21 years, more than two decades now, and often fans ponder when he will eventually step down and continue his management elsewhere. There have been no major titles for some time now. His managerial position was saved by the backing of the board and the FA Cups and Community Shields he has won in the last five years.

Now there is no denying that his reign may be nearing an end. It seems like the title is out of reach and winning the Europa League or another FA Cup would be beneficial, but a good way to mark an end to his superb work at Arsenal throughout the years. There's no doubt that it is time for Wenger to go, as the continuous repetitive strings of results are just too common now.

Certainly, a new manager will be a breath of fresh air, a new legacy commencing so Arsenal football club can be as successful as they were before. Even though half of Arsenal fans cry out for him to go, he did extend his contract near the beginning of the year, allowing him to stay till the end of this 2017/18 season with a chance to continue further onto 2018/19.

Another decade with Wenger would just be disgraceful and this is the first thing the board needs to look at.

2) Arsenal's Hierarchy

The most annoying thing as an Arsenal fan nowadays is the negativity concerning the board, as they have the financial power to be able to back the club. However, they tend not to, only giving Wenger a limited budget each season, despite the multiple silverware's and club ticket sale, kits and brand revenue costs they receive each year.

It's been addressed recently that the hierarchy has no communication with the fan base which is appalling. The disconnection is unacceptable but not only this; the owners never attend the matches or follow the club throughout the season which in comparison to Chelsea is atrocious. He knows if they are under-performing then there are other potential manager vacancies who would be interested in the role.

Stan Kroenke and Alisher Usmanov, the owners of the club, are the central point of blame by Arsenal fans. Instead of concentrating on what's best for the club, helping to improve the atmosphere and fund more to bring in world-class players, they instead buy lands, yachts, and stakes in other NFL teams and different projects.

So why not invest your money in something you care about and leave the club, letting a passionate owner take over? It's fairly simple but because of their business and bitterness, it's difficult to see any changes.

3) Best players wanting to leave.

Arsenals main concern now is keeping their best players so that they can attract the best players from around the world but if Sanchez, Ozil or Wilshire decide to leave then this would be a huge dilemma. They are all nearing the end of their contracts and are yet to renew. Based on Arsenal's form and the player's attitudes, they could all sign Pre-contract deals with other clubs. Players in the past wanting to leave the club or being targeted by other big clubs have been a huge issue and maybe Arsenal will cash-in.

However, with the lack of replacements in the transfer market, I can't see how this would resolve Arsenals Problems. Players like Nasri, Adebayor, Fabregas, Van Persie, Clichy, Gallas, Toure, Ashley Cole, etc - surely Wenger won't let them leave!

4) No consistency

In the last 5 years, Arsenal have finished 4th twice, 3rd, 2nd and then the previous season in a disappointing 5th place. Arsene has been playing a totally different squad for the Europa League fixtures which has worked to good effect as they qualified for the next round after four group stage games. The squad depth has been positive so far, but the lack of an actual world-class centre-back is having a damaging effect on Arsenal as they opt to play players out of position.

Their away form has been utterly poor, losing 5 of their 7 away games this season. Every time Arsenal gets a good run going, like five games unbeaten, fans start to gain hope that this is their turning point for the season. Then reality hits them as this spineless Arsenal side frustrates the loyal and passionate fans. The only way Arsenal can get a good run going consistently is if he changes his tactics and uses different players/formations for each different opposing team. They might actually come out with a game plan. If not, there's simply no hope until a change is made.

5) Bad transfer windows

The previous transfer window only saw Arsenal bring Kolasinac and Lacazette in a much-needed window.

These are great additions and they have been playing superb lately, but every transfer window there is always a gap in the squad and a central defender was the main concern due to recent injuries, etc. As the board do not tend to give Wenger a huge budget to splash out and bring the best players in, they only expect to bring players in but making sure they make a profit out of the window. This is such a negative approach and this upcoming transfer window could be the make or break for Arsenals season.