Alberto Moreno was a reserve player of Sevilla, Spain, two years ago. He beat against competition to become a first-team regular player. His transfer cost was £12million for moving to Liverpool from Sevilla, though once he held a €30 million buy-out clause. Now he is at Liverpool FC’s left-back. At the beginning period at LFC, he made a mistake in his first-ever Premier League debut but still held a 90.5 percent pass completion rate against opponents.

Left-back doesn't tend to create and score many goals. However, a marauding fast full-back is nice, but unless getting someone of the level of Real Madrid's Marcelo then has to depend on own team’s best left-back.

Liverpool’s left-back was looking for a resort away from Anfield in the summer, the trend since then has been impressive now.

Moreno lifted from the bench

There have been a few odd months at Anfield, but Moreno lift from the bench to the starting line-up has been one of the more surprising events. This is a player that should remember that just started two league games last year, and would have been sold to Napoli. Liverpool offered £15 million. James Milner, a right-footed central midfielder kept him off the team throughout the season and demanded a new left-back. Andy Robertson came from Hull before August.

It seems to be the end of Moreno - a popular guy among his team-mates, and with Jürgen Klopp but whose performance never looked real enough.

But surprisingly, when we watched the game against Manchester United on Saturday Moreno played the full ninety minutes. It was hard not to think of the trip left-back has done and maybe we've all been wrong.

One moment in the first half, Moreno dropped the ball of his own half, Anfield saw the worst happen. But when Lukaku got a hold of it and ran ahead, he came back full speed to correct his mistake, with perfect timing.

Game 10 for Moreno

That was Moreno's game number ten this season and considering that he had only 18 games last year. It is possible to argue that the turning point came in the match against Bayern Munich during the pre-season, his performance reflected in strength, aggression, power, speed, and focus.

Some players might shy away from the intense weather, but Alberto Moreno is not like that.

Adjustment time is always needed for all and that's a given too. But, Moreno won't be alone in settling in this issue. He has got improvements to play straight away. He still needs to do more to convince the doubter that had to manage some silence of the start of the season. Now it's a time for continuing the answer of that silence critic.