Chris Foerster is best known for his role as an offensive line coach with the Miami Dolphins but just 24 hours after a video surfaced showing him using a $20 bill to blow lines of white stuff off a table, he tendered his resignation. When the video first surfaced, it was merely an allegation with the Dolphins' brass promising a full investigation. However, a day later, Foerster came clean and accepted full responsibility. The powder-like substance seen in the video has not been identified.

An apology

TMS reported that in a statement, the Dolphins' coach said he accepted full responsibility for his actions and gave an apology to his organization.

He said his main focus would be to get the help he needs, supported by medical professionals and family. A spokesperson for the Miami Dolphins acknowledged receiving and accepting Chris Foerster's resignation which was effective immediately. The Dolphins say they will continue to work with Chris to provide him with the help he needs during this difficult time.

How the video became public

The video showing Foerster snorting a white stuff off a table while talking, was posted on Facebook and Twitter. According to news reports, the video was posted by Kijuana Nige, a Vegas model who claims that the video was taken by Chris Foerster and sent to her. In the video, a person who appears to be Foerster, called someone 'baby' and said he was thinking about her.

He talked about going to a meeting after he did 'this' and then snorted a line of white powder. Statements he made on the recording also gave the impression that the person he was talking to was pregnant and the recording contained vulgarities. The model has also indicated that there could be more videos.

The end of a successful coaching career

Foerster who is married and a 55-year-old father of three was first hired by the Dolphins as an offensive coach in 2004 and was an NFL assistant coach since 1992. In his second season of a second coaching job with the Dolphins, he was reportedly among NFL’s highest-paid assistant coaches earning around $3 million a year.

He held previous coaching positions with other NFL teams including The San Francisco 49ers, the Washington Redskins, The Minnesota Vikings and the Baltimore Ravens.

The NFL has recently been mired in controversy surrounding the Black Lives Matter protests which saw many players kneeling when the national anthem is played. The publication of a video leading to the resignation of a Dolphins' coach is just another chapter in the continuing saga.