During Manchester United's lacklustre 0-0 draw with Liverpool at Anfield on Saturday lunchtime, Liverpool's Dejan Lovren and United's Romelu Lukaku were involved in an incident which saw the Belgian striker's boot make contact with the Croatian defender's face. An altercation which the Reds' centre-half claims was on purpose, rather than it being an innocuous mistake.

No further action

With many putting the suspected 'stamp' under scrutiny, it's believed that Lukaku, 24, should be facing suitable punishment for his actions which have left Lovren seething.

Although there will be no further action taken against the former Everton striker by the FA, with England's official football association choosing not to pursue the matter beyond its current state.

In fairness, Lukaku does not appear to be focused on Lovren as the Merseysiders' usually staunch defender tumbled to the turf, and though his boot did indeed knock Lovren's head, there does not appear to be a telling sign of malice from Lukaku. With tension in the air given the raw, competitive nature of the encounter between the two bitter rivals, perhaps emotions have simply gotten the better of Lovren, who is evidently bewildered as well as dismayed.


A simple apology may have settled the dispute where Lovren's concerned, although the Liverpool centre-half allegedly received nothing of the sort from the Red Devils' attacker.

In a frank admittance given to the media ahead of his club's Champions League meeting with Maribor - (via Metro) - Lovren is adamant that the contact from Lukaku was in-fact intentional.

"But, to be honest, my honest view was he did it on purpose," he said. Ultimately, however, the debatable situation is to be dropped with no future discipline to be implemented, a decision which will certainly leave a sour taste in Lovren's mouth, as it's argued that there may have been a different outcome if he was to have had the finger pointed at him as the culprit.


With little to shout about in terms of goalmouth opportunities, the encounter between Jurgen Klopp's and Jose Mourinho's men failed to live up to expectation. United's David De Gea's point-blank save which denied Joel Matip amassed huge interest and plaudits, but other than that particular instance of goalkeeping brilliance, the top-flight tie was painfully tame and at times terribly insipid.

Mourinho has also been criticised once more for his negative approach to games against the 'bigger' clubs in the Premier League. 'Parking the bus' is a tactic which the "Special One" is all too familiar with - meaning that fundamentally United lack an element of endeavour and flare in their game, which was apparent against Liverpool. Usually, Lukaku instinctively hitting the back of the net would steal the headlines, although this time around his lack of sporting professionalism seems to have taken centre stage in the public eye, on top of United's flaccid overall performance.