Paris Saint-Germain faced Celtic in their opening Champions League fixture of the season and as expected, they eased past the Scottish side with a 5-0 victory - goals from Neymar, Mbappe, a brace from Cavani and an own goal from Lustig sealed the win for the Catalans.

Neymar booked for diving

World-record signing Neymar got the opening goal of the game which smashed open the flood gates for his side to go on and win the match but the performance of the Brazilian was clouded by his attempt at simulation. The 25-year-old was booked for diving in the 75th minute after falling over Anthony Ralston's leg - despite there being no contact whatsoever.

After the 5-0 defeat over Celtic at Parkhead, Swedish international Lustig, according to The, insisted that Neymar would never reach the heights of former Barcelona teammate Lionel Messi if he continued with his theatrics on the field. Messi is known for his fair play and his hugely humble character - there have been times Messi had every right to go down following a tackle but he stays on his feet for as long as he possibly can.

Attitude problem

Lustig said after the game that it's just the 'usual' from Neymar and that he's done it before and he'll no doubt do it again. He did, however, call him an 'unbelievable footballer' - but if he wants to be liked as much as Messi then he would need to change his attitude on the field.

Lustig does not deny the obvious talent of Neymar - a talent which earned him a €222m move from Barca to PSG. He also admitted that the French side are easily one of the best clubs in the world right now and the toughest opponents he's faced during his career.

The Swede said that if you have all that money spent on players, then it's clear on the type of ability you'll have throughout the team - he insists that Neymar is one of the best players in the world because he's so 'sharp' and an 'unbelievable' player.

Neymar's quick feet

Every football fan in the world can see the ability that Neymar possesses - with his quick feet and his ability to turn defenders and find the back of the net with such ease. Also, the speed he can run at with the ball at his feet is just incredible. However, diving is scrutinised massively in football these days and players are remembered for it, for a long time.

Does Neymar want to continue the way he is going? One would have thought that he'd have learned one or two things from Lionel Messi regarding fair play - maybe the 'world's most expensive player' tag has gone to his head - who knows?