Imagine this...

Waking up on July 10th to England having won a world cup.

yes, England winning a World Cup!

As The World Cup Snooker is developing into the latter stages of the group rounds, it had me thinking as Barry Hawkins and Judd Trump are going well in Wuxi in China for Team England...

In 2015, you will remember, two Chinese teenagers began their careers by ending up being on top of the World. Quite a start to Yan Bingtao and Zhou Yuelong's professional careers. And then they managed to get to the Crucible in April.

Should there be more international style tournaments in the game?

There's been news this week that Belgium are to host the second European Masters tournament, instead of Romania, and it was for that reason that it had me thinking.

Last season, it was Bucharest who had the pleasure of hosting a European tournament, and Romanians saw the final they dreamed of, Ronnie O'Sullivan v Judd Trump, which saw Judd Trump come from behind to win.

What about a European Cup style snooker event similar to the European Cup there is in football, which happens every two years. The World Cup in football occurs every four years.

More Europeans are getting into snooker. Italy has its National Snooker Championship.

Although Italy and Spain haven't been represented in this World Cup, in future, a Euro style snooker tournament could see the likes of Italy and Spain enter.

Belgium have a strong team in Wuxi, with Luca Brecel.

Germany's Lukas Kleckers has impressed in the tournament, since he graduated from QSchool in May as Germany's only professional.

There's a match made in heaven from Norway as married couple Kurt and Anita Maflin take to the baize.

This growing European depth of snooker players makes a great case for a Euro style tournament.

Maybe there could be a similar set up for this great game of snooker.

Although the game is always going to be a niche sport, we are watching an expanding list of global countries, 24 in total compete for the prize of being on top of the World.

Some have questioned the point of having it at all.

Although football and snooker are so different - one thing that joins all sports when it comes to "World Cups" and European Cups is this.

The pride of playing for your country. The pride of achieving something for your nation.

Sport is not just about individual achievement, although the likes of snooker, tennis, golf and other individual sports are certainly more individual focused, it's more about giving back what has been put in.

Snooker players may not get the grandeur of what the England World Cup team did all those years ago in 1966, but, the achievement is of World recognition that this nation has some of the best snooker in the World.

In fact, snooker players from the UK do the nation proud.

We have some of the best sportsman in the sport from Wales, England, Scotland and Ireland/north/south.

That's what makes this sport indeed, great.

At present, Wales have the highest break through the first time ranking event winner and Riga Masters Champion Ryan Day - 140.

And, to win $200,000 as the first prize is no shabby figure by any means.

The final is a best of 7 and the joint winners will be crowned Kings of the World on Sunday the 9th July.