Sharapova is all set to return to tennis court from April 26 by playing at the Stuttgart Open. She was given a wild card entry to that event and she will be able to participate from April 26, the day on which her official doping suspension ends. The event will start from April 24 and end on April 30. Five-time grand slam champion sharapova is still adored by tennis fans and the 29-year-old Russian is expected to bring in the much-needed fan following back to women tennis.

Wild card entry to Sharapova evokes mixed reactions

According to a report by Sky News the world no 18, Caroline Wozniacki, who has won two US open grand slams is not happy that Sharapova is being given a wild card entry to Stuttgart Open.

The reason, Wozniacki states, is that Sharapova is being allowed to participate in a tournament that starts two days "before her official suspension ends." Remember Sharapova is serving a 15-month ban for being tested positive for using the meldonium drug. Wozniacki also feels that the rules are twisted and she feels that it is better that Sharapova is allowed to start from the bottom once again rather than being given wild card entry to tournaments. Wozniacki feels that the return of Maria would bring in the fans to tennis courts and she also feels that Maria would fight her way to the top once again.

ATP World No one, British player Andy Murray has also slammed the women tennis authorities for allowing Sharapova to return back to the tennis court with wild card entry.

Angelique Kerber, the world no two player feels that the situation is strange and Tsonga, ranked world number eight in ATP feels that it sends a bad message to other players. Russian veteran Svetlana Kuznetsova was more ferocious in her comments when she wondered why cheaters would be given a wild card.

Wild card to play French Open

Sharapova will need a wild card entry to play in French Open and she can compete in Wimbledon directly, provided she garners enough points before the start of Wimbledon. Venus Williams and Boris Becker have found no fault in giving Sharapova a wild card return to tennis arena. Both feel that there is no precedent for it and they leave it to the tournament authorities to make a decision.

Romanian Simona Halep, has welcomed Sharapova back and she feels that Maria is impatient to return back to tennis courts.

Sharapova needs to win back the trust of her fans and her fellow players. The best way to return back is to grind her way back to the top rather than being signaled as being given preferential treatment.