The announcement by the Chinese government of the deployment of 10.000 security agents for the match between China and South Korea, valid for the qualifiers of the 2018 FIFA world cup in Russia, has drawn the attention of the world.

The measure, according to government officials, has the intention of avoiding any kind of trouble related to the game, especially incidents involving the meagre contingent of 180 South Korean fans expected at the He Long Sports Centre, in Changsha, the capital of Hunan province this evening. The total public is expected to be 30.000 people.

Politics Vs. Sports

The match will occur amid rising tensions between the two countries, following the installation of the the US-developed Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) anti-missile system in South Korea, which has displeased Beijing.

Chinese companies and part of the public have already called for boycott of South Korean products. Some of the most important technology companies in the world have its roots in the South portion of the Korean peninsula, one of them being Samsung, the world's leader in the production of cell phones.

In February, right after the announcement by the US of the installation of the THAAD, following a new missile launch by North Korea, China warned the US of serious consequences on the deployment of the anti-missile system.

Reaction in the stadium

The main concern for the authorities is about possible attacks against the South Korean supporters, players and even the referees, in case of a unfavorable result for the Chinese National team.

Security officials in Changsha, responsible for the match, warned fans that any mass gathering on the streets is forbidden, regardless of the result.

Chinese squad unlikely to win

In the previous five matches for the qualifiers of the World Cup, China suffered three losses, one of which against South Korea by 3-2, in Seoul six months ago, and two draws.

The South Korean national team holds second position in the group A of the Asian preliminaries, with 10 points, only behind Iran with 11.

China are fifth, 5 points behind its rival.

Even though, the Chinese squad can have luck this evening at the stadium of Changsha, where they are undefeated in the last five games, with five wins and four draws since 2005.