In 2013, de Souza 32, was sentenced to 22 years for the Murder of his girl friend and feeding her to the dogs. In a recent interview with ESPN Brazil, the football player said that he is not a bad guy and that he made a mistake. He has been released from jail while appealing his conviction and he is back in the game.

Who is Bruno Fernandes de Souza?

He is known as Bruno and is currently a goalkeeper for Boa Esporte. He last played with Flamengo from 2008 – 2010. His contract with that club was suspended in 2010 due to his murder investigation. However, despite being convicted of murder, he was released in February 2017 pending an appeal.

It didn't take long for him to get back into the game. On March 10, he signed a two year contract with Boa Esporte which led to three of the club's sponsors ending their partnerships with the club.

The gory details

It is a tale of love, sex, betrayal and murder. The married football player had a mistress, Eliza Samudio . She became pregnant and when the child, a son was born, she sued the athlete for child support. The mistress disappeared in June 2010 and the baby was in the custody of Bruno's wife. He was arrested and charged in July with kidnapping, murder, criminal conspiracy, corrupting a minor and hiding a body. His teenage cousin, a co-accused, said that part of Samudio's body was chopped up and fed to the dogs while other parts were buried under concrete.

He was sentenced on March 8, 2013 for the torture, assault and murder of his mistress.

It was a mistake

After six years and seven months in jail Bruno was released pending an appeal. The case created a lot of controversy around crime against women and the conduct of professional athletes. When the accused was released he was bombarded with offers from several clubs and a barrage of media interviews.

He responded to questions by saying that ”Mistakes happen in life, especially when you are around people where money and fame blind you---” When asked if he was sorry his response was “Dude, what happened happened you have to repent of the things of the past and become a better person”