There is no denying that Tottenham Hotspur have come a long way in the past two or three years. But in assessing how far they have come, three questions spring to mind; firstly, why have they been so good? Secondly, how far can they go? And thirdly, what weaknesses may hold them back?

Why have Spurs been so good?

A key reason has been the manager, Mauricio Pochettino; he has made the team a lot better. How though? As the Guardian newspaper reported, "it's Tottenham' pressing that really stands out", and although not as relenting as it was with Southampton, the pressing "is more controlled now, and if anything seems even more effective".

In addition, Pochettino has made his side more balanced with "experienced players" and "very good youngsters". The good work that the manager has done has been noticed by others, in particular Pep Guardiola. As reported in the Daily Mail newspaper, Pep hailed Pochettino as "one of the best managers in the world". He worked his magic at Southampton and now he seems to be doing it again at Tottenham. Another key reason behind Spurs' renaissance has been the form and attitude of the players. If under Harry Redknapp they had good players such as Gareth Bale, Luka Modric and Rafael van der Vaart, as reported on Fotmob, under Pochettino they are even better. With that mix of youth and experience, they have quality all over the pitch.

Their spine is strong, defence settled and forward play exciting.

How far can they go?

If they can hold on to the manager, and if the key players such as Kane or Ali do not leave, they can definitely win the league. Why not? Their defence is good, their attack impressive. Last year they showed to the rest of the league who they were and what they are capable of.

Although they did lose to Liverpool over the weekend, overall they have been very impressive. I am not sure that they will win the league this year. I understand the argument that, 'you never know', but I think this season should be about learning, understanding the pressure of trying to win the league and take it into next season.

What may hold them back?

With regards to their faults, the response to my previous point should be, was last year's Premier League campaign not about learning about the pressure of challenging at the top and this season going a step further? Could one not argue that they have not made progress if they fail to win the league again this season? And that is their first weakness; arguably they have not progressed enough. If this team wants to go all the way, they will surely come a point where second or third is not good enough. Players want to win things and if Tottenham become accustomed to being the bridesmaid but never the bride, some of their star assets may leave.

But that is surely a back handed compliment to the work being done at Tottenham Hotspur. The fact that securing champions league football (only) is not enough. They have come a long way in the past couple of years. Now they really need to push on.