The BBC has reported that Joe Root has been named as England's new Test captain. But whilst it may not come as a surprise that he was appointed to replace the outgoing Alastair Cook, there is a key question to ask: how will he cope in the new role?

What happened?

First of all the facts. Joe Root, at the age of 26, was named England captain for the longest form of the game. He was offered the position by andrew strauss, the director of England cricket, according to the Guardian newspaper. Obviously delighted to be appointed, Root stated that "it is a huge honour to be given the Test captaincy" and that "I feel privileged, humbled and very excited".

Why he may struggle

Now let us address the key question: how will he fare in the new role? For a few key reasons, there are those who are not so sure. BBC cricket correspondent Jonathan Agnew stated that Root "has a huge job as captain". One problem is his lack of experience. To date he has only been captain in a handful of domestic matches. In addition to this is the fact that England have got a busy and difficult year ahead. As reported on the English Cricket Board (ECB) website, England not only play South Africa this summer and after that West Indies but in winter they travel to Australia for The Ashes series. With confidence at an all-time low following their recent Test series defeat in India, it is imperative, as Agnew stated, for Root "to get a good start".

But why it may just work

However, despite such concerns, there are many who believe he will excel in the role. This was the view of former England captain Michael Vaughan, who stated that Root is "ready-made for the England captaincy". Vaughan also moved to dispel the lack of experience argument by stating, "people who say he's not quite ready are talking nonsense", as reported on BBC.

Vaughan went even further to praise his character, say that "he's (Root) driven and got the right attitude". Such sentiments were also echoed by Andrew Strauss who stated on Sky Sports that Root's lack of experience "will not harm his candidacy". It could also be argued that Root will bring something new to the table. Those who interviewed Root for the role were convinced that the Yorkshire player could bring a "fresh voice" that was previously missing, as reported in the Guardian.

Overall, I think it is a good appointment. Although he may not have the most experience, he will learn quickly, he has the right men around him and he has the right attitude needed to succeed. How he does this year we shall see. But it is exciting for sure.