Unbeaten boxer and self-proclaimed greatest of all time, Floyd Mayweather, has denied reports that he has agreed to a dream bout with UFC Lightweight Champion, Conor Mcgregor, but he has described the bout as 'very close to a reality'. Mayweather has urged the UFC fighter to 'get the fight done' or risk 'leaving huge amounts of money on the table'.

Back and forth on social media

Mayweather took to Twitter to clarify reports about a deal being reached between the two parties. Mayweather wrote: 'There hasn't been a deal agreed between me and McGregor.

If any changes are to come, I will be the first to let everyone know'. In the final few months of 2016, Mayweather continually mocked McGregor on Twitter.

In response, the Irishman posted a picture of him sat on the throne with the caption: 'In Vegas, Floyd has retired on my arrival'. Mayweather responded by stating: 'Conor, I'm desperate to get this fight signed. Take care of UFC and have your people contact my people'.

In January, Floyd Mayweather, recognised as the greatest boxer of his generation, told ESPN that he had offered McGregor $15 million for the fight. McGregor, who has never had a professional boxing match, said that he wants $100 million for the fight.

McGregor had his boxing licence granted by the California State Athletic Commission last year.

The licence allows McGregor to fight in the United States. However, McGregor is currently under contract with the UFC. As such, he would require the blessing of the UFC in order to fight. This may prove difficult to ascertain due to his fractured relationship with Dana White.

'A big money fight fans want to see'

On Tuesday, Dana White said: 'No deal is close to being done.

I would pay McGregor and Mayweather $20 million each but it's just fantasy talk at the moment. There are a lot of moving parts to this equation, but this is a big money fight that I believe fans across the world want to see. If the fight doesn't happen, all parties will be leaving a lot of money on the table'.

Towards the end of last year, McGregor stated that he would be taking a break from UFC. In the next year, McGregor will be filming a part for the final two series of HBO's 'Game of Thrones'.