Ronda Rousey was brutalised by a series of punches from Amanda Nunes as soon as the fight began, the former women’s champion was finished before the first minute expired in the opening round. Nunes punches forced Rousey to stumble around the cage while landing a series of jabs to her face. Rousey was defenceless though still on her feet when the referee stopped the match in the first minute. It was the second time in a row Rousey had been finished by strikes after she suffered a knockout loss to Holly Holm last November.

Questions around sparing and training for Rousey before her fight

There are reports that Rousey didn't spar in training leading up to fight with Nunes, It was also reported that Ronda Rousey did not speak to the credentialed media during UFC 207 fight week and did not attend the post-fight press conference following her loss to Amanda Nunes. However, despite those set backs in the Octagon, Rousey was still paid handsomely for her performance where she earned US$3 million for her fight against Nunes, which matched Conor McGregor’s pay for UFC 202 as the largest disclosed salary in UFC history.

On Saturday afternoon, Rousey spoke for the first time as she released a statement to ESPN and thanked her fans, she mentioned that her sole focus in 2016 was returning to the Octagon and being successful, and added a bit about her future.

The former UFC women’s bantamweight champion said she needed to take some time to reflect. She did not however mention retirement in the statement, though she had alluded to it happening soon. She also complimented the UFC women’s bantamweight division, including Nunes.

What does the future hold for the former MMA champion

A lot of people still believe that the MMA superstar shouldn't be counted out after being beaten by Amanda Nunes at UFC 207.

There's no saying what the future holds for the former champion, whether she attempts to fight again or vanishes from the sport permanently or completely. We believe that Ronda Rousey's contributions will continue to keep her legacy in a positive light for a very long time. On the other hand big congratulations to Amanda Nunes on her win to Ronda Rousey at UFC 207.