If the Boxing match with Conor McGregor Vs Floyd Mayweather Jr happens this 2017 New Year's Eve, I think it will be a billion dollar fight night. This is because there's a lot of mma and boxing fans who would like to see it happen. So let's make it happen anyway and shape the sport's history. Hate it or like it, with warriors Conor and Floyd you are so going to watch them! As of the moment, they are increasing the hype and pressure by trash talking.

MMA great fight expected for new year's Eve

MMA vs boxing billion dollar payout great fight is expected to happen on this New Years Eve.

But who knows - this may be the biggest payout in the history of fighting and sports. You cannot overlook anyone; everyone is a great warrior and one mistake will shape the history. All I can say to Conor is to give it a shot because he is the underdog and he has got nothing to lose. But some people think that the 15$m or 50$m offer is a lowball offer from TMT.

Connor has power and youth

Conor has got all the power and youth advantage over TBE, while Floyd has got all the expertise when it comes to defense and he has proven that he is unbeatable in the boxing ring. But who knows - Conor might steal that legendary title because every fight is a new game. The 49 - 0 record of Floyd was not an accident - it was a brilliant record because he defended the title for almost 2 decades.

And take note most of the boxers that he beat are champions and were undefeated as well.

Juts like a street fight

That is no joke that he made it so easy, making boxers miss as he controls the pace and attacks with precision. As a defense master, he is so slick that he can fight in the corner or center of the ring so that the opponent throws 10 punch without being hurt, ass he counters with 1 or 2 punches precisely.

On the other hand, Conor is a very aggressive fighter. He's good at making fans entertained because most fans do not like defensive fighters - they like non-stop excitement. Most of the fans are happy because of Conor's great offensive stunts and performance which makes it look like a real street fight, so hail to both fighters!

Let the game begin! MGM will be as great as it could be if this does happen. Fans from around the globe will be happy as well to see this fight. I wonder how we can put MMA and Boxing into the next level? I wonder at Pacman Vs Conor, Conor Vs GGG, Pacman Vs GGG, Canelo Vs Conor or GGG vs Floyd. So lets get it on!