Man of the series in India vs England ODI series: - Everyone is eagerly waiting to know who will the man of the series in the India vs England three-match ODI series, let's see who has chances to win here. In the first ODI of IND vs ENG, Kedhar Jadhav who scored 120 runs and played a key role in India winning the first ODI match of the series was awarded Man of the Match. In the 2nd ODI, Yuvraj Singh who scored 150 runs in the 2nd ODI played the key role in India's win in the second match against England and hence he won the Man of the Match Award.


In today's match, England put a target of 322 runs for the India. Virat Kohli and Yuvraj Singh are in the crease playing steadily after the immediate fall of the openers. Virat Kohli scored a Half-Century

Man of the series chances to Virat Kohli, Yuvraj, and Dhoni

As per the estimation, three players have chances for the Man of the series award. First one is Virat Kohli, he scored 120 runs in the first match and played a key role in winning the first match.

Virat Kohli (Image credits:
Virat Kohli (Image credits:

In the second match, he didn't have much contribution. In the third match, he already scored a half-century as of now, So if he scores more than a century and played the key role in India winning the third match then Man of the series award might go to Virat Kohli as he contributed in both first and second match for the win of the Indian team.

On the other hand, If Yuvraj Singh plays a key role in India winning the third match then the man of the series might go to him.


Finally, If Dhoni played the key role in winning the third match then he might win the Man of the series.

However, Virat Kohli has more chances to win the man of the series as he already doing well with his batting in the third ODI by scoring a half-century already.

India and England to play T 20's next

As the Three-match ODI series of India vs England ends today with Kolkatta match, next India and England will start playing T 20's from Jan. 26th to February 1st.

Finally, we need to wait and see who will win the T 20's ODIs in a fw more days.

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