Bangladesh Vs New Zealand 2nd Test match live streaming information and live score guide details: - Bangladesh vs New Zealand 2nd Test match live streaming and live score information details will be provided here. Before checking about those details, let's see the series details until now. As part of Bangladesh tour of New Zealand 2016-2017, Bangladesh played 3 ODIS, 3 T20s, and one Test match until now. Out of Two Test series, New Zealand won against Bangladesh in the first Test and hence Bangladesh needs to win 2nd Test if they want to draw the series with 1-1, otherwise, New Zealand will win the series.

So Bangladesh already lost the chance to win the series by losing the first match, now they have chances to draw the Test series with 1-1 if they win 2nd Test. Let's see more details about live streaming and live score information of the match below.

BAN vs NZ 2nd Test live streaming can be watched on Channel 9 and live scores available at Cricbuzz

If you want to watch the cricket match live then you can watch on Channel 9 and for live scores, you can refer Cricbuzz for live score details of the match.

The match will be played at Christchurch and it will be live from 4 am (BDT) time from January 20th to January 24th. Bangladesh played well during the 1st Test in 1st innings by scoring 595/8 and declared.

Later, they even bowled New Zealand batsmen at score 539 but they failed to score well during 2nd innings where they were all-out at 160/9 by playing 57.5 overs. So New Zealand won easily by scoring 217 runs in 39.4 overs with 7 wickets in the hand.

Now, we need to wait and see how Bangladesh perform in the 2nd Test match against New Zealand which will be played in a few more hours.

New Zealand clean sweeps in all the tour matches until now

Bangladesh failed to win at least one match in the entire series. New Zealand clean sweeps Bangladesh in 3 ODIs and 3 T 20s. They also won one Test match out of two-match series, So if they won the second Test as well then the whole series was the clean sweep by New Zealand. Let's wait and see what happens in a few more days.