Armistice Day 2016 is to fall on the very same day the Three Lions take on Scotland at Wembley Stadium. The fixture is the oldest international fixture in the world,first played in 1872 and has exceptional rivalry The BBConce stating that "the fixture has represented all that is good and all that is bad about football" throughout its current 112 played matches. However, the fixture this month should be an occasion where players as well as fans can proudly wear an inspirational emblem that has represented the courageousness of servicemen and servicewomen from both these countries, loved ones that have made the ultimate sacrifice.

The money raised through poppies dates back to 1921 when the newly formed British Legion ordered nine million silk poppies from a French lady named Anna Guerin after first being made by US Academic Moina Michael when she was inspired by "In Flanders Fields"a poem written by Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae.


fifa are behaving like bullies in the school play ground and believe that what they say is the only way things should be. This is not the way the English Football Association should be dealing with a horrendous attack on our heritage, they should stand up just as done by the brave servicemen and women these very poppies represent. The English and Scottish Football Associations should over rule any such sanction on British soil between two long standing Royal British Legion supporters with such a strong foundation in thePoppy Appealon ground of national heritage.

A fund raising project that has been running for over 100 years should not be brought down, questioned or given orders by a governing body that has untold corruption and cloak and dagger tactics along with bewildering cases of fraud.

It's about time we took a stand and boycotted them in full force. If all the fans stood up together and walked out of wembley at half time the FIFA bullies would be forced to think of their far less than fair or scrupulous actions and take note of an army of football fans that would not be bullied in war and certainly will not be bullied in a game that creates billions in revenue across the globe.

It should also invoke The F.A to take note of our loyalty not only to the game but to our nation.

If inspired by the above please sign the petition atChange.organd keep up to date withBlasting News Latestand check out some great predictions on this weeksChampions Leagueaction.