The International Olympic Committee (IOC) revealed the imminent disqualification of Sibel Ozkan from the edition of the Olympic Games in Beijing 2008 due that the reanalyzes of hersamples were found positive with metabolites of a prohibited substance known as stanozolol. The IOC has implemented strict measures that prevent the use of prohibited substances by athletes in this and subsequent editions of the Olympics. The measures include reanalyzes of stored samples from the two most previous Olympic games-Beijing 2008 and London 2012.

IOC penalty decision

The committee found Ozkan guilty of having committed antidoping during the XX1X Olympiad that took place in Beijing 2008. For this reason, she is disqualified from the sporting event in which she participated-women´s 48 kg weightlifting. Is ordered to return the medal medallist pin and diploma she was given during the 48 kg weightlifting event. The decision emphasizes that the Turkish Olympic Committee shall ensure that the above mentioned items are returned in the shortest time possible and that the decision demands immediate action.

Returning the silver medal won in Beijing

28 year old Sibel Ozkan was ordered to return the silver medal she won in Beijing after she was found positive of having used prohibited substances.

The IOC disqualified Ozkan from the 2008 edition of the Olympic Games when the reanalysis of samples resulted positive with metabolites of the prohibited substance stanozolol. The IOC has implemented strict measures to maintain a clean and free environment for the coming and futureeditions of the Olympic Games.

Sibel Ozkan achievements

She attained fourth place in the 2007 world weightlifting championships in the category of women´s 48 kg. She won the silver medal in Beijing 2008 with 111.0 kg in the clean and jerk attaining 199.0 kg. She won her first gold medal at the 2009 world weightlifting championships that took place in Goyang, South Korea achieving 117.0 kg in the 48 kg and jerk categories.

The IOC has targeted with high priority those cases involving a specific sport in which the use of prohibiited substances have been used and also those countries in which these cases have been detected. In doing so, the IOC is ensuring that the next addition of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro remain clean and free of foreign substances that could damage the good development of the sporting event, which is beneficial for Athletics.