While Wales face Belgium in the Quarter Finals of the country’s first tournament in 58 years, back in the England Camp, they're busy packing bags and ready to get on the plane home.After much anticipation for the Euro 2016 Tournament, Roy’s men have left a country wanting so much more. And for many England fans it’s something we come to expect.The news of Roy’s resignation came as no surprise to England fans as Hodgson, who won 33 of his 56 games in charge, was out of contract at the end of the tournament meaning anything less than a Semi Final would mean certain dismissal.The Manager has been heavily criticised over his tactics within the tournament, especially in the last group game where he felt resting players was needed.

A tactic which many say handed Wales the group victory.

Who is next in line for the England job?

With only 2 years until the World Cup in Russia, the FA will want to instil a Manager soon.Gareth Bale questioned England’s pride and passion and has been proven right, which is something the FA will want to rectify and bring back to the Squad.There are 3 names that ring out as top contenders for England’s manager spot and a wild card:

Gareth Southgate

Seen as the FA natural choice by many, Gareth has done well with the Under 21 side in recent years. But his management credentials at Middlesbrough were left to be seen. The FA see Gareth as a safe pair of hands and someone who knows the FA way. But the question is, does England need a safe pair of hands, another yes man, or is it a radical change that is needed?

Alan Pardew

One of the most experienced English managers in the game at the moment, Pardew will be on the FA's radar. He has shown that he can create strong bonds within a squad, and has had recent success by steering Crystal Palace to a Wembley FA cup final. He has had his moments though and some of his press conferences have gone down in YouTube history, leaving the FA with the worry of similar happening to them.

Would they take that risk?

Eddie Howe

Very much the new kid on the block on this list of names, but if the FA are looking for a young exciting manager to manage the team for a long time, look no further than Eddie.He has taken a league 2 side all the way to the Premier League, and then kept them there. This is a manager who has been looked at by clubs all over the world.

They can see that he knows how to build a team, and work his players. Can the FA get to him before he is tempted away by some of the big club names in Football?

Rafael Benitez

England have a history of turning to foreign managers for inspiration. Rafael has a long history with English Football. His CV speaks for itself. He is managing a Championship Newcastle side, the pull of the England job may be too much for him to resist.