With less than two weeks to go until NXT makes it Live debut in the UK, excitement is at an all-time high, especially now that three more matches have been made official. There has been plenty of speculation for months over the contenders for the women's championship and the tag team championship and now we have confirmation.

Two women's matches that could really make an impact

For a while there have been a number of rumours circulating the grapevine about Bayley's challenger at the NXT London event. It seems like months ago that stories emerged about Eva Marie's big push for the belt and the likelihood of her achieving it at the Wembley Show, something that many fans were dreading.

Few wanted an “all red everything” women's champion, particularly when Bayley has been enjoying such a great run and there are better options out there, and her defeat on a recent episode meant that everyone could breathe a sigh of relief and look towards Nia Jax.

Not all fans are convinced that she is the right choice either, as she is still pretty new on the scene, but her style of brute strength and aggression is the ideal contrast to hugger Bayley and should lead to an interesting match. Also, we can't rule out some sort of interference from Eva if she is really BFFs with Nia. This women's match may feel slightly less interesting after the high of the Ironman match with Sasha Banks but there is a second match that could have people taking for a while if each participant is used to their strengths – Asuka versus Emma.

The Australian star was instrumental in the “diva's revolution” and Asuka has already proven herself to the crowd so this match could be a huge moment.

Enzo and Cass are out for revenge.

With the Vaudevillains losing their tag team title rematch, the door was left open for new challengers to face Dash and Dawson, who have been destroying opponent's knees at a steady rate.

It was Enzo and Cass that stepped forward and we now know who the realest guys in the SSE arena will be. This is welcome news for fans that think that a title shot is long overdue but with the tag team division looking so strong, fans should not be surprised if a second match is added to the card. Perhaps the Vaudevillians versus rising stars Gable and Jordan?

With these three official confirmations from the WWE, attendees have a lot to consider. Will Enzo and Cass finally show Dash and Dawson how 'Sawft' they really are, has Bayley met her match in the dominant Nia Jax and are Asuka and Emma going to steal the show?