Manchester United drew their third consecutive blank at Crystal Palace on Saturday, without managing a single shot on target from open play.

After speaking out following last Sunday’s Manchester Derby, on Thursday ex Manu legend Paul Scholes once again criticised the side’s lack of creativity. He then added that he would not like to play in Van Gaal’s side.

In reply, the Manu manager used an English phrase he’d come across, most commonly heard in school playgrounds.

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.” Following this performance, the Dutchman has been left with a considerable amount of egg on his face. An English idiom for him to research.

The Londoners began the match on top, with David De Gea making yet another world class save in the tenth minute. When Yannick Bolasie fired across from a narrow angle, the ball looked destined for the top corner. Flying backwards, De Gea brilliantly tipped over, providing the Red Devil’s most inspiring moment of the match.

More Manu Possession

United then began to assert a certain amount of control. They dominated possession in the middle third of the pitch, their most familiar trait. It took until the 28th minute for them to have their solitary shot on goal.

United were awarded a free kick in what looked the perfect position for Rooney. His shot was on target, but the save was comfortable for Palace keeper Shaun Hennesy. It was about this time that the away fans vented their frustration, demanding their side, “attack, attack, attack.”

To say the second half was one sided would be an understatement.

As per usual, United had the majority of possession, but never once threatened the Palace goal.

Unlucky Palace

Palace went close several times in the closing stages, and were unlucky not to snatch a winner at the death.

In a post-match interview for the BBC, Van Gaal said,” We didn't create many chances. It is a big concern.”

In a weekend when another premiership manager has been under a lot of scrutiny, one cannot help but wonder when the knives will be sharpening for Van Gaal.

#MUFC have splashed out a staggering £214m on new players since Alex Ferguson retired in 2013. Speaking in the Sky Sports studio following last weekend’s Manchester derby, ex United midfielder Owen Hargreaves was perplexed as to why, given the money they’ve spent, United couldn’t be more entertaining. This is an opinion shared by millions of United fans the world over.

Here’s another idiom for you Louis – You’ve had your shot.

What do you think? How long should Van Gaal be persevered with as Manu’s manager? Was David Moyes’ sacking a mistake?

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