There is much to ask to this match, for Milan AC.

First of all, three points,so to give its Serie A ranking position a less gloomy look than the actual one (12th place, 5 points below the today rival, U.S. Sassuolo).

Secondly, a serious hint about the very near future of mister Mihajlović: president Berlusconi was not so reassuring about that matter, someone is still trying to decrypting his answer to “the Exorcist” joke of Mihajlović, so a victory (better if following some good playing) would give some peace to work on the next matches.

In the meantime, who is still longing for Mr Ancellotti, could enjoy the idea of watching him in one of the next Star Trek episode

Thirdly, this afternoon match could be remembered as a “changing of the guard” moment : the 16-years-old goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma will replace veteran Diego Lopez, on the bench for the last disappointing performances.

Too soon for such a promising young prospect to take such a responsibility? this evening we will know the answer.

As for the latest news about the initial formation, we should have Bacca from the start, leading the offensive line and supported by Bonaventura and Cerci, even if the Honda option is still on the table and it should not be ruled out (or at least, many supporter do hope so). It really seems the absence of Balottelli and Menez have not been still metabolized by the coach and the team as well, so this match is going to be quite an important test for both of them. Speaking of Balottelli, now the Klopp is the new Liverpool manager, there is a chance he will soon be back in England: no rest for the wicked...

Luiz Adriano will start from the bench but many bookies would give consider his entry in place of Cerci quite a safe bet.

Speaking of betting, quotes are always a serious hint od the expert sentiment, so:

Kukca, Poli and Montolivo will compose the middlefield ranks: theorically, a good mix of strenght and fantasy; practically, an idea which seldom worked, so far.The defensive line is the one to be especially observed: Zapata makes room to Alex on the center, together with Romagnoli, while the flank should be guarded by Abate and Antonelli.As for U.S.

Sassuolo, which is 5 point over Milan AC so it should be considered the favorite, the main question is about Berardi: after the 4 goals scored in 2014 and the last May hat trick, how many goal will he score this time?