Love him or loathe him, Australia's Nick Kyrgios is certainly attracting plenty of airtime and media attention at Wimbledon. He may have been knocked out of this year's showpiece event by Richard Gasquet yesterday, yet controversy seems to follow him around both on court and off it. After fielding accusations that he had stopped trying at one point against the Frenchman in their match, he has also responded in kind to derogatory comments made by former swimming great Dawn Fraser in the aftermath about his background.

Fraser interview sparked response

Fraser reacted to Kyrgios' actions in an interview on Australian television by making derogatory and inflammatory comments that she swiftly retracted on reflection.

She had suggested that if they cannot behave themselves, then players should "go back to where their parents came from."

Kyrgios' reaction was to brand his compatriot Fraser a "blatant racist" via his Facebook page, clearly smarting from the insinuation given his mixed parentage background of a Malaysian mother and Greek father.

Four-time Olympic gold medallist Fraser is later believed to have unreservedly apologised for her initial remarks, claiming that she did not intend them to be viewed as being racist in nature. A proud Aussie, she had only intended to convey the message that those representing their country should do so "in the best possible light."

Kyrgios divides opinion

Twenty-year-old Kyrgios' antics throughout the tournament these last few weeks have divided the Tennis' fraternity.

Some believe that his apparent gamesmanship is against the spirit of the game, while others welcome his youthful exuberance and energy to keep the spotlight focussed on tennis. At times his behaviour pushes the acceptable boundaries to their limit, but after defeating Rafa Nadal last year he has once again lit up Wimbledon with some quite stunning tennis.

Against the Canadian Milos Raonic there were signs of the Aussie youngster's petulance and rage on numerous occasions. Bad language, racket throwing and histrionics on the court were mixed in with brilliant shots and light-hearted moments with the crowd and the ball boys. He won that match and there were signs against Gasquet that he would repeat the feat, despite slipping two sets behind, when he took the third set.

Alleged 'tanking'

Earlier in the match he had seemed to lose heart and focus, with some suggesting that he was 'tanking' or not trying as the Frenchman battered him with his powerful serve to establish a two set lead in the second set. Kyrgios responded afterwards at his press conference by asking the assembled reporters: "Do you want to try and return Richard Gasquet's serve?" His explanation was that his opponent had simply been serving too well at the time.

Gasquet the winner

He rallied in the match to some degree but was eventually defeated by Gasquet 7-5 6-1 6-7 7-6 to end his title ambitions for another year. In addition to the war of words afterwards, Kyrgios also received a code violation for his alleged bad behaviour during the contest.