For some race-goers, what happens on the track is simply an aside for one of the biggest events in their calendar. Ladies Day in Liverpool is the event of the year, and whilst it takes place on the second of the three-day Grand National Festival at Aintree,

It is said that some 2000 litres of fake tan are sold in the two weeks leading up to the Grand National as ladies primp and preen in preparation for the parade ring. It's not just the horses on show as many female race-goers use the event as an opportunity to show off their best assets.

Whilst there is a 'Best Dressed' event, this year, organisers have expressed concern at the stereotypical 'Aintree' look, as many arrive wearing daring, skimpy outfits with acres of flesh on show.

Women spend hours carefully applying fake tan and eyelashes, and meticulously styling their hair extensions, but as soon as the excitement builds, those rigourously thought-out outfits slip as intoxication levels rise.

Whilst there is some irony in the way many appear on the course dressed for Ladies Day, the greater irony lies in their behaviour. It is a shame that such a prestigious and special event should descend in to anarchy soon as alcohol starts flowing, and we see chaos on the streets of Liverpool long after the racing has finished. Why spend weeks preparing for Ladies Day, only for a few drinks to undo all the hard work?