Controversy is never far away when you're a Premier League player, and Liverpool's Raheem Sterling is just the latest in a long line of offenders to make the front, rather than back pages.

The Liverpool striker courted controversy in recent weeks following alleged disagreements over a new contract, although he somewhat atoned for that with a goal in Liverpool's Monday night win over Newcastle.

But when images of the 20 year-old appeared in various tabloids apparently taking nitrous oxide, his behaviour became entirely unacceptable. We are all used to players' outlandish high demands, and it seems avarice goes hand in hand with the job.

Whilst these players are idols and role models for millions of youngsters worldwide, it is sad that these values are being instilled in impressionable youngsters by our footballing stars.

But a line is crossed and a professional sports player is pictured allegedly ingesting dangerous substances - they are showing not only a flagrant disregard for their health, but also for the fans who support them week in week out and expect the utmost professionalism and for them to take their job seriously. Results matter to football fans, and to jeopardise your performance on the pitch is highly disrespectful to the legions of loyal followers who delight in seeing a talented sportsman ply his trade.

When you are lucky enough to be handed such a talent that allows you to play football professionally for a world-famous club, surely abstaining from controversy and ill-advised acts is a small price to pay.