His value to Real Madrid may be essentially priceless at present as he continues to rack up the records at the same rate as he scores his goals, but for Cristiano Ronaldo's agent it seems that even the man rated as the best player in the world has a price that could tempt him away from the Champions League holders. The sticking point for any would-be suitors seems to be that the price he has in mind is around £300 million!

With transfer fees and salaries for the top players going through the roof, as agents cannily look after the players' best interests (and of course their own in addition), it seems that the power struggle between the clubs and the agents / players is strongly on the side of the entertainers in the current world of Football.

Jorge Mendes seems to be firmly of that way of thinking, as the agent of the Portuguese megastar, as he holds the belief that should the Madrid club decide to sell him any time soon, then they could command that sort of astronomical sum from any interested party that came calling.

Mendes claims that the captain of his national side should be considered as the "best sportsman ever", when discussing the matter with Dan Roan of the BBC, although one wonders if he has ever heard of the likes of Muhammad Ali and the like, who many sporting aficionados would rate slightly higher in their estimation no doubt. There would also be those that would put a case for Pele and Diego Maradona from the past, in addition to Lionel Messi from the present, when Mendes asserted that: "He is the best player ever in the world.

You can't compare him with anybody else."

Few would argue, however, with the 29-year-old potentially being the most saleable commodity (from a football sense) in the current market though after picking up his third Ballon d'Or award only last month, when he pushed the mercurial Messi into the runners-up spot. With a prolific goal record behind him already and no sign of it drying up soon (his 400th senior career goal for club and country was achieved by the age of 28), in addition to his athletic looks (for media rights and shirt sales), he is a marketing person's dream besides a supporter's idol. Quite some combination when it comes to striking a transfer deal!