The Jordanian FA President is one of three challengers to current FIFA President Sepp Blatter, 78, for the election on the 29th May. Blatter, who has been at FIFA for 40 years and president for the past 17, claimed he would stand down after his current term, but has now prepared to continue for another four years!

Ali Bin Al Hussein, launched his campaign in London yesterday and called for a public debate, speaking out against FIFA's current regime under Blatter, a lack of transparency under the Swiss' 17 year tenure as President.

Prince Ali has been nominated by six countries, including England and United States.

He is the vice-president of the Asian Football Confederation and the head of the West Asian football federation but his home country, Jordan, is the only country from AFC that supported Prince's nomination. It is obvious that many from the AFC are still very much loyal to Blatter, and Prince Ali will struggle even to be elected back on to the FIFA executive committee, where he has served for the last four years.

There will be the UEFA Congress in Vienna next month and Ali sees this as the best opportunity for the four candidates for the FIFA presidency to launch a debate. However, there is a slim chance that Blatter would agree for a live debate. The image of FIFA has been tarnished during his reign with a number of damaging corruption allegations that culminated with the controversial decision over the award of the 2018 and 2022 World Cups to Russia and Qatar respectively.

Blatter would not be very enthusiastic to expose himself during a public debate and disclose too many details to the world.

Bin Al Hussein is one of three candidates challenging Blatter for the FIFA Presidency, the others being former Portugal legend Luis Figo, 42, and former Ajax Chairman and Dutch FA president Michael Van Praag, 67. All three challengers have received support from UEFA's president, Michel Platini. Ali is planning to meet Figo and Van Praag and discuss his views of the reforms needed in FIFA.