One manager's 'loss' is almost always another's 'gain', with the recent news of Harry Redknapp's departure from the hot seat at Queens Park Rangers over the last twenty-four hours. Already the early favourites to pick up the reins at the London-based club are assembling and their suitability being assessed by the footballing fraternity at the London club.

The 67-year-old former Spurs and Portsmouth manager resigned from his Premier League club role, to allow adequate time for recuperation from forthcoming knee replacement surgery, a procedure that commonly requires plenty of rest and 'couch time'.

Given that 'working from home' is not a luxury that most Football managers can enjoy and maintain their position, Redknapp took the admirable step of effectively making the decision for his employers. A proud and essentially decent man such as the once-tipped England manager was never going to expect chairman Tony Fernandes (with whom he has enjoyed a good working relationship in their time together) to allow that, especially in the perilous position that the club currently face. QPR currently sit in 19th place in the league, with only Leicester City below them.

With temporary charge having being handed over to ex-player Les Ferdinand (who has been performing the role of head of football operations) and the coach of the academy Chris Ramsey, the coast is clear for Fernandes and his advisors to cast their net for Redknapp's replacement.

Initial thoughts seem to be favouring the Spurs' ex-player and boss Tim Sherwood as the man to step into the Loftus Lane spotlight, following on from his sacking by the White Hart Lane side in May last year. It is believed that the board have consistently favoured his appointment in the likelihood of Redknapp departing for whatever reason.

An appointment before QPR's next game may be slightly rushing things one feels, but not necessarily an implausible outcome, with Rangers due to face high-flying Southampton at home on Saturday. It is thought that Sherwood's insertion into the Ranger's management hierarchy would be a good fit, given that he has previously worked with both Ferdinand and Ramsey at Tottenham, and is keen to get back into a management role again.

Other names being touted as options to consider for the Rangers' top job are current Derby County and ex-England manager Steve McClaren and the assistant coach at Real Madrid, Paul Clement.