New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was visibly overjoyed, when it became apparent that he would again lead his team to another Super Bowl victory. With only a few seconds remaining in the nail biter of a game, Brady was seen jumping up and down, unable to contain his excitement for the raucous explosion about to commence. The deal was sealed by an undrafted rookie named Julian Edelman sure to be gaining far more attention after yesterday's three yard pass with only 2:02 remaining in the game.

Deflate-gate in his rearview mirror, Brady was focusing on the present he and his team had just won for New England fans with a 28-24 victory over the Seattle Seahawks.

"It's a lot of mental toughness, Our team has had it all year. We never doubted each other, so that's what it took," stated Tom Brady. Coach Belichick echoing similar statements saying "I'm happy for our team. Our team deserved to win. We won tonight in a tough game. This team deserves to be champions."

What should have been a celebratory moment for the team and fans took a wrong turn when Seattle Seahawks player Bruce Irwin slammed Ron Gronkowski in the head after an altercation broke out between the two teams with only 20 seconds left remaining in the game. With the world watching, the two teams went into a shoving match, with Irwin then being taken out of the game. Later, Irwin states the incident as "protecting a teammate" and he acknowledges that emotions ran high.

It was an unpleasant way to end what should have been a celebratory moment, in a season filled with awkwardness throughout the whole NFL.

Despite the eight inches of snow expected to fill the Boston area a victory parade and celebration are planned for Tuesday for the team. The parade route runs about two miles in the Boston area and the city officials planned on this event, snow or not.

However, due to the weather getting the victorious bunch home to celebrate may be a challenge. More than 200 incoming flights to Logan airport were canceled due to the weather. That won't deter the fans from celebrating.