SirBradley Wiggins, a British professional road and track cyclist who currentlyrides for the Pro Team Sky, wants to ensure all is lined up for his eighthOlympic medal in Rio de Janeiro Olympics in 2016; he has just launched his owntrack and cycling team, Team Wiggins, to help him with preparations to reach his2016 goal.

Wigginshas already won seven Olympic medals, with his first Olympic medal in cyclingwon in the Sydney Olympics in 2000; if he gets a medal in Rio he will be themost decorated British athlete in Olympic history.

Wiggo,34, will ride for Team Sky until April, after which he will move his focus totrack and join Team Wiggins.

Apart fromhimself, the new team will include other eight young and talented cyclists fromthe UK. Wiggins hopes that the new team would also give prospects for theyounger team members to gain right experience and prepare themselves for Rio.

Inthe build up to the Olympics with Team Wiggins, Wiggo will aim to break theindividual world “Hour Record” in the summer. The “Hour Record” consists ofriding as far as possible in 60 minutes in a velodrome; this is a measure of the absolute track endurance. The current world record is 32.219m and it was won by Matthias Brandle fromAustria at the end of October 2014. Matthias stole the record from German JensVoigt, who held on it for only a month: from 18th September till 30thOctober 2014.

Wiggins was very sporty from his young age andtried different sports, before he settled for cycling, inspired by the 1992Olympic Games in Barcelona. Soonafterwards, age 12, he joined a cycling club in London and participated in hisfirst road races. His father was also aprofessional cyclist.

2012 was his golden year when he won allpossible awards there are, including Tour de France Championship; he received hisknighthood from the Queen for the achievements in 2012.

Let’s hope that 2015 and 2016 bring even moreawards and honors to Wiggins whose amazing cycling career helped to raise the sport’spopularity.