The Former Chairman of the Professional Footballers Association (PFA) was taken to hospital on Monday morning, after suffering serious injuries in a road accident.

The ex-Burnley captain, 35, was airlifted to Leeds General hospital; the causes of the incident are unknown, but doctors have confirmed that his injuries are not life threatening.

Witness appeals have been called for by the Police to find out what exactly happened on the A64, near the village of Bishopthorpe in North Yorkshire in the early hours of Monday morning.

A policewoman stated that the collision had been between a male pedestrian and a lorry, with Carlisle being the pedestrian.

The road was then closed for a few hours while some investigations took place.

Carlisle, of Dominican descent, started playing Football at young age and was inspired by his father who was a semi - professional football player. He was a centre-half, and made over 500 career appearances during a career that spanned for 16 years, that included spells for Leeds, QPR and Burnley. In 2000 Carlisle had three appearances for the England U21 Team.

He was also the PFA Chairman from 2010-2013; the PFA is the world's oldest sport union of professional footballers in England and Wales, founded in 1907, with over 4,000 members.

Clarke Carlisle has earned a reputation among the media for his intelligence, and left school with 10 A-grade GCSE's.

He has a degree in professional Sports Writing and Broadcasting and regularly appears on Channel Four's countdown, and the BBC's Question Time.

He is now working as a TV and radio pundit, since he retired from football in 2013.

Brought up on the strong Christian tradition, Carlisle supports a number of charities and is the Kick it Out ambassador.

The Kick it Out was established as a campaign with a brand name "Let's Kick Racism Out of Football" in 1993 - this is an organisation which challenges discrimination in football and has a leading role for campaigning for equality in sport.

Many are keeping Carlisle and his family in their prayers and thoughts.