With another season progressing and Tottenham standing at just 10th, it could be said that they are, yet again, under performing. It's of no surprise that the fans are left frustrated with the club.

There are various different school's of thought amongst the Spurs faithful regarding the failure; some blame the players, some blame the manager (or Head Coach) and some blame Daniel Levy, the club chairman.

It seems Levy chooses to lay blame with the manager - the club has seen eight different managers since 2001, which is not inclusive of caretaker managers.

Some barely given the opportunity to put pictures up in their office before Levy shows them the door.

However, in Pochettino's latest press conference he made it very clear that he is a Head Coach and not a manager.

"If you are the manager, you decide many things about the club. But if you are a head coach, your responsibility is to play better and try to improve the players and to get positive results." he said.

"The head coach is not the same as the manager. If not, why am I not [called] the manager? I am the head coach. In Southampton, I was a manager. My responsibility was not only to coach the team. Here I am a head coach - a head coach is head of your department. My department is to train the team."

The reference to his previous job in Southampton, where he was seen to be more successful in his position, is a hint that Pochettino himself is feeling some frustration regarding his role.

Clearly, Poch, like managers before him, have a complete lack of true control over the team sheet, purchases and other such major decisions at the club. So who is behind this? Of course, Mr Levy.

So why bother with a Head Coach at all, Levy? If you insist on limiting their involvement in big decisions. Are the Villas-Boas and the Poch's just puppets for you to blame when things go wrong; discardable, replaceable?

With all this in mind, it has to be questioned: Does Daniel Levy fancy himself as a manager? As a Football mastermind? One search on Google and you'll see him listed as 'Businessman' first, 'Chairman' second and 'Manager' not at all. I think Levy needs to remind himself of this and let the men who know what they're doing handle the rest.