New season approaching and despite my resolve not to watch the Reds so much this season, the alarm went off at midnight on Monday and I eagerly set off for the kitchen for a brew before taking my place once again in front of the telly. With a new manager in place new hope sprang up, last season was a total nightmare for us fans brought up with the Alex philosophy, used to winning trophies, used to beating Liverpool, then suddenly, nothing. Players seemed to be falling short, there was the old style of play gone, to be replaced by a team - if you could call them that - who hadn't a clue how to win the major games.

I am one of the older brigade, I started to follow the Reds when Munich happened, saw my first game at Old Trafford in 1963 when I was 15, watched Denis and Georgie and all that followed after Matt left, so to a certain extent I was apprehensive when David Moyes took over, a lovely bloke but......

Anyway, telly on and here they come. Not a huge difference to the faces from last season, but from the results so far pre-season, well, so far so good. Kick off came and I was back in the land of the living, kicking most balls, shouting and screaming at the players, but not a lot else. Gerrard scored his customary penalty against us and we missed some chances, Hernandez (what happened to Chico?) missed when it looked easier to score, there was a lot of huffing and puffing, but the first half was the same as last season, some promise but no delivery.

Half time and no thoughts of returning to a nice warm bed. More tea, a chat to our two confused German Shepherds who were most certainly put out at being disturbed at 1 in the morning, then back to the box. After Valencia's departure we seem to be a bit more balanced with the introduction of our new full back, and promise was suddenly in the air for the first time.

A wonderful swirling cross for the right by Hernandez and Wayne was on it like a flash to steer it home past a wonderfully sprawling keeper. Tea went up in the air, Cockateils fell off perches and the Mrs. came in to see what all the noise was about. I reassured her that it wouldn't happen again, and then what should happen but Mata went and put us in the lead!!

A further visit from she who thinks she must be obeyed, and then back to watching this most amazing of transformations. A final goal from a sub who I think might well have a future at United, a final gloat as Wayne and Darren (great to see him back again), lifted the cup and back to bed for a couple of hours where highlights were relived.

So, is this a new United? I know there has been much debate about the new system of 3-2-3-2, Young had a reasonable game, jury still out for Nani, is Johnny Evans up to the task, maybe the same for Smalling. Still loads of questions, still loads of maybes, but I'll take a win against Liverpool to be going on with and in a final....can't get much better than that!