The Commonwealth Games of Glasgow 2014 closed last night, bringing to an end eleven days of exciting action, the beginning of many young athletes' sporting careers and the prospect of another fantastic celebration to come in four years time when Australia will take over the mantle of hosts.

As with London 2012, the Games have brought a feel good factor back to the home nations and a sign of its success and appeal is that the day after seems a bit empty with no more competition to come. True, the Commonwealth gathering by its very nature is much smaller than the Olympics, but that perhaps adds to its appeal compared to the world event (and the politics and commercial 'baggage' an Olympics can attract).

It also allows more countries to compete for its staging, as the financial strain of the organisation and running of the events can be kept within sensible limits as exemplified by the incorporation of Para and able bodied sports into the one programme.

Glasgow has not attempted to build brand new stadiums for all the events, knowing that the ongoing maintenance and legacy for such often is not sustainable. Instead, they have sought to utilise existing venues where feasible, like Hampden Park for the athletics and holding the diving events in Edinburgh, and convert them as necessary at a much lower cost. Stadia well known to football fans like Ibrox and Celtic Park have become temporary homes during the Games to the wider sporting fraternity.

True, they have built additional purpose built venues around the Clyde for some of the events, but even here these will have been developed with an eye to the potential for becoming iconic landmarks that will bolster and attract tourists in the future, besides being used for their initial sporting purpose where possible.

Hoteliers around the area echo the sentiment that the Games will have put Glasgow and Scotland in general in the public eye, with VisitScotland reporting existing guests enquiring about extending their residence to see more of the surrounding area.

Demand for local produce has also been boosted, with Tesco expecting sales of haggis, black pudding and shortbread to soar based on the interest in the Games. Even the Games' mascot, Clyde (dreamt up by 14 year old Beth Gilmour) became an instant success, with twenty five statues spread around the city as part of the Clyde Trail and more than 46,000 cuddly toys sold.

Glasgow have been great hosts right from the opening ceremony through to the closing party last night, showcasing their own unique style of humour whilst welcoming their brothers and sisters from the Commonwealth in a celebration of sport. An event of this size never works without lots of volunteers and Glasgow's people have made themselves available in their masses.The crowds have mirrored London in terms of numbers and interest across all of the venues, with even the English athletes feeling the warmth of their hosts' support.

It always helps when local heroes and heroines appear as has occurred this time. Images of Miley, Murdoch and Sharp's emotional efforts (amongst many others) will stay long in the memory.

All of the home nations seemed to do well in terms of medals, with England topping the table above Australia and Scotland having their best Games ever. The occasional touch of stardust such as Usain Bolt helps to draw the media attention as well, especially when the crowd were entertained by the sight of his 4 x 100m winning team clad in Scottish regalia as they did their lap of honour.

With a 'nod' to the next hosts, Australia, the closing extravaganza became a foot tapping singalong, incorporating their own talents such as Lulu and Deacon Blue, before allowing Kylie Minogue to take over with hits like "Spinning Around" and "Can't Get You Out of My Head" as they built to the finale with the aid of the Scottish pipers' rendition of Auld Lang Syne.

A fitting sentiment to embody the unity that is the Commonwealth Games!

Australia will have much to live up to come the next Games, but for now it's a big "thanks" to Scotland for such a wonderful show !