It seems interesting that several of the current German Football team that are likely to play in the World Cup final on Sunday, were a part of the victorious team in the European u/21 championships in 2009. Their progress has been on a gradual and upward curve, whereas the team they beat in that u/21 final were no less than England, whose players' progress seems to have been almost completely the opposite! Neither a completely successful integration into the senior team nor anything like the same success for the national team.

How have England failed to integrate their youngsters successfully into the senior team and move on in a similar fashion, tricky one to fathom, although several pundits and analysts have provided their thoughts on the subject in recent times.

Some blame the lack of opportunities in their clubs due to the proliferation of foreign players, hence they fail to get game time for their clubs and may even be loaned out to lower league clubs.

Others suggest that the best Under 21 qualified players are held back from playing in the major Under 21 tournaments by their club managers once the country has qualified, preferring them to rest in readiness for the next home season (especially if they have already played for the senior team so have effectively progressed beyond the Under 21s in the club manager's view).

It may also be down to culture in their home country, with some thinking that they have already made it when they make the England team, not seeing it as only the beginning.

They may fail to progress themselves both physically and mentally, in order to make further progress in the game. A few too many nights out on the town with their mates is often the path they follow and many potentially gifted young players have sadly stalled as a result of these temptations.

Whatever the reason for the failure of progress by England's new generation, it seems that the Germans have a more successful blueprint which would be truly villified should they beat Argentina in the final.

Let the game(s) commence!