Scotland witnessed firsthand the dominance of the Brownlee brothers in the Commonwealth Games triathlon yesterday, continuing on from where they left off at London 2012 in the Olympics. However, they are not alone in terms of great siblings that have graced the sporting arenas of the world in recent years, nor are they are likely to be the last. Indeed, they weren't even the only siblings to win medals at the Commonwealth Games on day one of competition. In judo, two sisters were able to share the joy of winning gold medals by competing in different weight categories.

 Kimberley and Louise Renicks matched one anothers performances on the mat to spark jubilation in the local crowd. What of the other siblings that have made their mark on the sporting arenas around the world ? 

History indicates that such shared success is actually quite commonplace. In tennis, the obvious example is that of the Williams sisters. Between them, Serena and Venus have long dominated the various surfaces and opponents that tennis has challenged them with. Similarly, the Bryan brothers, Bob and Mike, have been almost peerless for many years in men's doubles. Even the McEnroes, John and Patrick have had their fair share of tennis success over the years (although clearly John might claim "you cannot be serious" about his brother's claims to greatness!).

In boxing, Vitali and Wladimir have dominated the world heavyweight scene in reason years, sharing the various ruling bodies' titles between them, with Wladimir also claiming the 1996 Super Heavyweight Olympic gold medal. Clearly though, judging by their presentation skills at the Eurovision Song Contest when their country hosted it, they are better in the ring than out of it, although the allure of politics seems to interest them.

Before them, brothers Leon and Michael Spinks had near unblemished records during their boxing careers. Michael and Ralf Schumacher have both risen to the top of Formula One's standings in motor racing, with Michael arguably the greatest ever in the sport. His continued recovery from a serious skiing accident has dominated the thoughts and well wishes of fans the world over, such is the esteem he is held in.

The discussion of great siblings would not be complete of course without a passing reference to the brothers at the heart of the greatest moment in English Football's history, the 1966 World Cup victory over West Germany at Wembley. Bobby and Jackie Charlton shared the success of that day and with it a place in football folklore. Maybe the hit song needs a bit of a re-write, as sisters (and brothers) are apparently not doing it for themselves, according to sporting history at least!