Outspoken former Oasis lead singer Liam Gallagher has been giving his backing to climate change awareness recently, as he demonstrated an acute appreciation for the Global Issues facing humanity through a new project for the festive period. His seasonal contribution to a heart-warming cartoon entitled ‘The Very Hot Snowman’ saw the strongly opinionated singer/songwriter lend his distinctive voice to the narration of the timely tale.

Raising awareness of climate change

The younger of the often-argumentative Gallagher brothers has been keen to push the underlying theme that the children’s cartoon seeks to promote, as the story centres on a snowman whose very existence is endangered by rising temperatures across the globe.

A modern-day spin on a classic Christmas tale maybe, but 45-year-old Liam is vehement in his message that “the Earth is too hot, and it’s getting hotter.”

In a poignant reminder of the damage that is already being caused through the marked change in weather patterns, his dulcet tones remind the audience that as the central character of Sammy the snowman continues to melt “this is what climate change looks like.” An emotional Liam continues by adding that it affects “so many of the things we love.”

Seasonal message of hope

However, his message also contains a degree of optimism interspersed within the somewhat bleak dialogue, as he still believes that “we have hope” and by working together “we can protect them if we act now and everyone does their bit.”

The charming 58-second cartoon ‘The Very Hot Snowman’ forms part of The Climate Coalition’s ‘Show The Love’ campaign and illustrates with easy to understand visuals how nature is being affected.

Gallagher’s message tells of the seasons being ‘confused’, causing birds to nest earlier than they previously did and Spring flowers to blossom too soon.

Solo success for Gallagher

Oasis’s split has seen the brothers Noel and Liam go their separate ways in recent years. Noel continues to push his group High Flying Birds, whilst Liam released his debut solo album As You Were in October this year.

The album has been well received, reaching number one on the UK charts besides providing a further boost to vinyl sales as fans flocked to get their hands on a copy of their icon’s latest output.

Backing clean and secure energy

The Climate Coalition is the largest collection of people in the UK dedicated to taking action against the growing concerns caused by climate change.

The environmental organisation charity has two annual campaigning moments during the year (the ‘Speak Up Week of Action’ being the other), with ‘Show The Love’ seeking a world powered by clean and secure energy.