20th Century Fox’s Logan”, is directed by James Mangold. The movie is scheduled to release on 3rd March, 2017 to unravel your world by a vulnerable Logan this time. This latest Hugh Jackman as Wolverine flick, perhaps the last in the X-Men Series will witness an ageing and alcoholic, the all too infamous ill-tempered and adamantium-clawed mutant from Marvel.

Audience to fall for the wolverine charm again

“Logan” staring Hugh Jackman (Logan) as the lead character is being assisted by Patrick Stewart , Dafnee Keen (Laura Kinney/X-23), Boyd Holbrook , Doris Morgado , Richard E.

Grant , Stephen Merchant , Elizabeth Rodriguez and others is being projected as a highly awaited movie.

The performance of Hugh Jackman as Logan who touchingly portrays the unsure wolverine, torn between his desire to keep his identity hidden and trying to passionately save a young mutant, is already receiving appraisals with the critics already expecting the role to fetch him an Oscar. Always keeping the cards under cover with only a rough outline disclosed until last week, 20th Century Fox sure know how to move in at the right moment for the kill and with all the right tactics.

Synopsis of the movie unveiled

According to the Greek Tyrant report the unfolded synopsis takes the audience into the dark world of wolverine this time the only difference being that Logan is hiding from the world and working as a chauffeur.

He is also shown taking care of an ailing professor and together they are challenged to come face to face with their legacies when they set out to save a young mutant who touches the core of their hearts.

The flick is more humane and the audience would perhaps love to see the wolverine struggling with everyday difficulties and relate to the unsure and sometimes unguarded Logan.


This film is being touted as the end of Hugh Jackman but with an underlined exhibit of X-23 to be a better warrior than Logan, X- men Series might just continue on a different track, since the mutant world is still shown existent.