There have certainly been a number of great films made over time; one's that made us laugh, cry and relate to. But here I have selected my top three films of all time. I have left a lot of good one's out, but here is my list.

The Matrix

Number one has to be the matrix. A battle between Neo, Morpheus and co against the machines and in particular Agent Smith. Released in 1999 this film went on to win four Oscars and gross US $ 456,300,000 according to IMDB. What made this film so great was how revolutionary it was. From the midair fights and that cool Nokia phone, the Matrix set the bar for Sci-fi films going forward.

What is also memorable is some of the lines in the script. From Morpheus stating about Neo, "He's beginning to believe" to the dialogue between Agent Smith and Neo. Where the former would state, 'Goodbye Mr. Anderson', Neo would reply, "My name is Leo'. Although the second and third film in the franchise were nowhere near as good, for me the first Matrix is the number one film ever.

The Dark Knight

Second on my list has to be the second film in Christopher Nolan's dark knight Trilogy, The Dark Knight. If Batman Begins was good, the Dark Knight was simply on another level. Besides the coolness personified that was Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne, the performance of Heath Ledger as the Joker was phenomenal.

Although some questioned whether Ledger was the right fit to play the role, he did win an Oscar for his performance, as stated on IMDB. Further on from this, as reported in the Independent, Jared Leto stated that Ledger as the Joker was "one of the best performances ever in cinema". The fact that the film grossed US$ 1,001,921,825 and that it was listed as number four on the list of the greatest movies of all time on IMDB illustrates how good a film it was.


Third on my list is another Christopher Nolan film; inception. The film in essence was a dream within a dream within a dream, all with the intention of "planting an idea into the mind of a CEO". It was so great for a number of reasons. First of all the acting was superb, Leonardo DiCaprio and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in particular.

But it was such a gripping film, not knowing what was going to happen or whether they would achieve what they set out to do before they are woken from one of the dreams. It was that good I actually went to see the film twice in quick succession.