2016 had some great movies and the most popular which were released in the UK include epics like "Rogue One" and "The Revenant." We chose those we feel were some of the best films of 2016.

'Rogue One'

The latest Film off the "Star Wars" conveyor belt is one of the finest. Gareth Edwards picks up the mantle from the safe - but enjoyable - '"The Force Awakens," and raises the bar with a thrilling and surprisingly dark take on the "Star Wars" universe (you can read my in-depth review here).


"Room" is an absorbing and pensive story that flawlessly hits every intended emotional beat.

A great deal of the film hinges on the performances of Brie Larsson and child actor Jacob Tremblay - and the duo deliver in extraordinarily moving fashion." - quote from my January review.

'American Honey'

Andrea Arnold's film follows an outcast group of youngsters, who travel across America selling magazines for a living. The breathtaking cinematography of Robbie Ryan is coupled with an excellently selected soundtrack to make this one of the most aesthetically arousing films of 2016.

"American Honey" is unashamedly grungy, unruly and misunderstood, but it is alive in a way that many films can only envy.


"Paterson" is an enchanting ode to the intricacies of life. Adam Driver plays a bus driver in the city of 'Paterson', whose love for his partner, his city and its people fuel his passion for poetry.

Golshifteh Farahani also deserves a mention for one of the most delightful performances of 2016.


"Mustang" tells the story of five young girls struggling against the pressures of enforced gender roles and norms in rural Turkey. Deniz Gamze Erguven keeps a fine balance between charm and gravity, whilst bringing out excellent performances from his young cast.

"Mustang"'s message is delivered with endearing authenticity and irrepressible spirit.

'The Revenant'

Finally, Leonardo DiCaprio got his Oscar. But this American epic owes much to the expert work of Alejandro G. Inarritu. He produces a series of unbelievable sequences and awe-inspiring visuals that make this an enthralling watch.

Beyond the brilliance of Inarritu, Tom Hardy gives one of the best villainous performances of 2016.


This pulsating night out in Berlin is a one-take work of technical brilliance from Sebastian Schipper. "Victoria" effortlessly shifts through the gears from complete euphoria to deep contemplation, to utter despair. The result is a riveting and transformative night to remember.

'Son of Saul'

Laszlo Nemes' debut feature undertakes the daunting task of representing the horrors of the Holocaust. Remarkably, he managed to produce one of the most visceral portrayals of a Nazi death camp put on the big screen. "Son of Saul" is a bone-chilling and devastating piece of cinema.

'The Arrival'

"The Arriva" gives an inventive and thoughtful take on the stagnant alien invasion genre.

Amy Adams' performance as a linguist expert who must find a way to communicate with the visitors from outer-space is simply sublime. Her remarkable display befits a film that is visionary and mesmerising throughout. Denis Villeneuve's tonally perfect film is only enhanced by Max Richter's beautiful music.


Charlie Kaufman's stop-motion animation masterpiece takes us into the mind of a self-destructive middle-aged man whose life begins to unravel on a lonely night in a hotel.

There are the expected Kaufman-isms of complex thought, tinged with an honest humour that trickles through the myriad of profundity. But it is the animation that gives Kaufman the freedom to play with voices and images in ways that, perhaps, missed the mark with audiences in 'Synecdoche, New York'.

Simply put, "Anomalisa is an indelible cinematic experience.