"Casino Royale" was the first Film that Daniel Craig appeared in playing therole of theJames Bond 007 Agent.Afterwards, wesawhim in three films including "Skyfall" which achieved revenues exceeded $1billion. Daniel was classified asthe highest wage earner in the 007 Agent film series.After his last film "Spectre" Daniel stated that he would not keep on with this role as he confirmed in an interview that he would prefer to kill himself rather than makes another film with a role of James Bond. During shooting a James Bond film,it would be so difficult physically for a person to run, shootand jump for six months as this affects negatively on his body.

Huge amount offered for the role.

There are sources that say that SONY Company, the producer of the film is negotiating with the British actor Daniel Craig to convince him to make two more films in these 007 Agent series by offering $150 million in order to complete his role in the series . Apparently Mr.Daniel did not go back on his decision as the company began a search for his replacement in this role and the candidate's names for James Bond 007 Agent roles are:

-Tom Hiddleston

-Idris Elba

-Michael Fassbender

-Tom Hiddleston

- Charlie Hunnam

- Aidan Turner

- James Norton

May have the first 'Black'James Bond

Idris Elbaforexample has all the physical qualities and charisma and presence for it. Elba (42 years old,) of the names put forward is a solutions to replace Daniel Craig who played the role of James Bond for ten years.Elba has especially played the role of leader of the late South African Nelson Mandela in "Mandela Long Walk to Freedom." Most of the public demanded that Idris make the role of James Bond Agent with this as he would be the first dark-skinned Agent whereas Danny was the first blond Agent.

The James Bond 007 Secret Agent appeared on the scene 50 years ago when the Scottish actor Sean Connery made the role. This was followed was a number of representatives who played this role and eventually it was given to Daniel Craig in 2006 in the "Casino Royale" film and continued until last year's "Spectre."