It seems that Gillian Anderson is far too busy and contented to worry about being classed as “single” at present. Her workload seems to mount by the day, with a legion of The X-Files fans readying themselves for the latest series to hit our television screens. Add to that a leading part in the BBC’s adaptation of War and Peace, the crime drama The Fall and a blossoming career as a novelist and she could be forgiven for wondering if there will be a chance for a break in 2016.

“Content” in her life

She spoke recently to The Guardian to confirm that she was “content” and that she doesn’t “sit on bar stools, pining” after splitting from previous partner, businessman Mark Griffiths back in 2012.

The 47-year-old spent 6 years in the relationship and has two sons by Griffiths, but was adamant that “I don’t feel anything is lacking in my life”. She also has a daughter from an earlier marriage to Clyde Klotz.

Back as Scully

In a year of comebacks, Anderson will reprise her seminal role as Dana Scully in the new series of The X-Files later this month, the character that brought her to the public’s attention back in the 90s. Thirteen years after the last series ended, she will pair up with David Duchovny as Fox Mulder for six brand new episodes, as the duo dig into the supernatural and paranormal once again.

Successful novelist

If the acting ‘day job’ should ever dry up, it seems that she has a more than viable sideline as a novelist.

Her latest book entitled “A Dream of Ice” was co-written with Jeff Rovin and is the second publication in the paranormal Earthend Saga series. The Guardian gave it a glowing endorsement as a “slick, fast-paced page-turner.”

Stars in War and Peace

Not that her Television work is a pressing concern (other than the workload) at the moment.

She stars in Tolstoy’s War and Peace epic, which has been adapted into a sumptuous BBC costume drama for Sunday evenings. The first episode aired last weekend and attracted an impressive 6.7 million viewers at its peak.

Written by Andrew Davies, whose notable credits include the TV adaptation of Pride and Prejudice that starred Colin Firth as the enigmatic Mr.

Darcy, it was always likely to be a ratings winner. Anderson was among those in the strong cast to receive praise for her performance, with the Daily Mail’s Christopher Stevens calling the first episode “nothing less than a sweeping victory.”

The adaptation features Paul Dano, Lily James (of Downton Abbey fame) and James Norton in the three main roles and boasts a supporting cast including the versatile Stephen Rea.