The Channel 5 iteration of 'Big Brother' is well known for courting controversy in a bid to win ratings, but the introduction of so called 'legendary' housemates Brian Belo, Nikki Grahame and Helen Wood midway through the series has led to numerous arguments, culminating in Belo exiting the house via a rooftop getaway, as shown on Wednesday night's episode. This was after a heated exchange with Helen Wood, who said he 'looks like a murderer and a rapist' leaving Belo angered - and his fellow housemates visibly shocked.

Fans took to social media to express their distaste, with former housemate Gerry Stergiopoulos tweeting that his exit was proof that the show is 'nothing like it used to be' (in comparison to its C4 heyday.) Wood was later given a formal warning by 'Big Brother' for her statements during the argument.

Since the legends have entered the house, there have been tears almost every night from a variety of housemates, and it doesn't look likely to end with Belo's shock exit.

With his departure, former C4 BB contestant Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace (last seen on Judge Rinder) is set to take his place in the house, because of her public spats with Wood via social media in January 2015. Fireworks are expected in the coming days as they could become the next flashpoint in the never ending war that is the 2015 edition of 'Big Brother'.

C5 has taken risks in the past that have paid off such as booking Katie Hopkins, Perez Hilton and Jim Davidson (amongst others) for 'Celebrity Big Brother', but the legendary housemates angle only serves to highlight that the show is now mainly focused on cultivating arguments, a far cry from its social experiment roots.

With a former winner (who was paid to participate) leaving, the show has taken yet another hit to what's left of its credibility. Rather than stoking the fire, it should have been time for some much needed calm. Instead, they decided to throw Aisleyne into the fray. Such is life in 'Big Brother 2015', where controversy is King.