Ghost Robotics, LLC, has launched Ghost Minitaur— company's first direct-drive legged robot platform especially designed for highly-precise force feedback applications. This machine is able to move across rough, difficult terrains and finds its application in military and commercial markets.

About Ghost Robotics

Ghost Robotics is known for its specialization in legged, gearless and proprioceptive robotics technologies. The company was founded in October 2015 by Avik De and Gavin Kenneally, two researchers who are currently pursuing PhD from the University of Pennsylvania.

Ghost Robotics aims to develop advanced legged robots able to deliver better results and performance compared to other wheeled and tracked autonomous machines available in the market. Ghost Robotics is being backed by the University of Pennsylvania and PCI Ventures.

Ghost Minitaur is proficient in perceiving tactile sensations

Ghost Minitaur is a legged robot highly proficient in perceiving tactile sensations. Developers of this medium-sized robot have equipped it with high torque motors, specialized leg design and motor controllers, which enable it to run and jump over difficult terrain. The Arduino-compatible microcontroller used in Minitaur is based on STM32F303 @ 72+ MHz with micro SD logging and includes all necessary software.

It uses 4S (16.8V) hardcase LiPo battery. Minitaur can climb fences and quickly reorient itself from falls without any difficulty. It can feel the surface using high-resolution encoders, while its efficient motors help it in smooth movement.

Ghost Minitaur is currently awaiting patent approval. According to its developers, this robot can be used in a variety of situations, including but not limited to, mining, public safety, exploration, military, unsafe environment, field survey, medical support, and agricultural operations.

This lightweight machine can be fitted with sensors to be used as self-driving vehicle. It can also be programmed for a wide range of gaits (walking, crabbing, bounding, trotting), opening doors, or even climbing fences/stairs.

"We are extremely excited to be launching our first commercial robot platform, Ghost Minitaur," said Gavin Kenneally, the Co-founder of Ghost Robotics, while announcing the launch of the robot.

Avik De, co-founder, said the design and development of this autonomous machine was a long journey, and that this machine and its underlying technology would find its use in several applications.

Jiren Parikh, Ghost Robotics, CEO, said there is huge market opportunity for legged robots in situations where tracked or wheeled robots have some limitations.