North Korea faces international isolation more than ever. This is not an understatement, as the United Nations resolutions from September 12th marked a historical moment in the history of North Korea - Chinese state relations. The Independent reported that the government in Beijing has ordered North Korea companies in China to close as of early January.

The action is a move to close the ties with the only international actor who seems to be acting as a rebel against the storm. Often considered the biggest ally of the regime led by Kim Jong-Un, China had to respond to international pressures as the successful nuclear test run by the Pyongyang leader has generated tensions and fear of a disastrous nuclear war.

Economic shock

North Korea's companies with offices in Beijing will have to close from January 2018 but this is not the only bad news for Kim Jong-Un. On Saturday, it was announced that China will cut down supplies of energy, reducing the amount of gas and refined petroleum products shipped to North Korea. This can have a devastating effect on the Kim regime, as the authoritarian leader based his economy and the investment in nuclear weapons on the economic help from China. In addition, Chinese companies with offices in North Korea will be closed as a matter of reciprocity, writes the Independent.

It seems that the last ally which Kim Jong Un could have benefited from is shifting towards cooperation with Donald Trump and the United Nations. Growing pressure from the international actors generated this wave of radicalism from Beijing. We can witness a massive change in terms of Asian geopolitics as North Korea seems isolated in their quest for a state of nuclear warfare.

Trump effect

It seems that Donald Trump can be a controversial president, but his actions with regard to North Korea have caused this shock decision taken by the Beijing government. Last week, the leader of the White House informed countries that they can cooperate with the United States or North Korea in terms of business. But working together with both is out of the question according to Trump.

China acted as such when they took the first step in this embargo process. The most important Chinese banks declined North Koreans who desire to open new bank accounts. The President of United States has a powerful impact on the actions of the Beijing government and his intentions are clear: to develop stronger strategic partnerships and to stop the development of the north korean nuclear programme.